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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Changes to Ancestry and Family Search

During our May class we talked about the changes to the Ancestry Library Addition that should make it easier to search.  The site now allows you to put in details about dates or family members at the beginning, rather than having to wade through as many pseudo-hits.  Click on any image to enlarge it.

In addition, there are new military databases online.  The military pension records are one good example of a source that furnishes vital data- here you see not just how much they were paid on their pension, and for how long, but when the soldier died, and when his widow got the pension or died.

Finally, also changed their interface.  You can always click on the blue button that says "Go to previous site", though it would be good to get used to the new version, as I suspect the old version will disappear in time.  Note the blue circles below- you can learn via online video seminars and articles, index records, look at family trees submitted to the LDS, or look at 17000 full text books with family and local histories.  There is even a book on the Bell and Eichel families of Fountain online, with a great story of their immigration to California.

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